Sleep comes easily for me
Once my head hits the pillow
I am lulled into a sweet slumber
January arrives in 2021
Sleep jarred awake by worry
Tax time will arrive all too soon
What to do? What to do?
Worry sets the stage for sleep disruption

A fifty-three-year marriage and
I have no idea about tax prep process
My husband worked for H&R Block and AARP
He can always do our taxes
With COVID looming high
I began to worry. What if he can’t deliver?
The US Government and NY State
knocking at our door worries me

Awake, awake, toss and turn
What to do? What to do?
He says, “It’s time for you
To learn the trade.” Awake, awake
Worry spirals out of control
Am I capable of doing our taxes?
Awake, awake, panic, panic, panic

The reports arrive, documents gathered,
Stacks of papers pile up
Study, sift, review I must
February arrives, awake, awake
Slowly learning the tax routine
Maybe, maybe I can do this job
My brain would like me to say, ”No!”
My intuition says, “You can conquer this hill.”
Epiphany! I can, I must, I will!

Asleep, asleep, asleep at last!

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