“I’m really sorry, ma’am,” he said as he helped pick up the packages.

One of the packages was leaking a puddle onto the asphalt.

“Ma’am? You’re calling me ma’am?”
“Sorry. Sir ? Should I say Sir? “
“How ‘bout you just leave it at ‘Sorry’, okay”?
“Okay. Sorry. Sorry.”

Inside the store, the shopkeeper looked out the window, saw the incident, noted both the annoyance and the apologetic posture. Neither participant was a regular customer; both were anonymous. It didn’t matter. They’d both paid cash.

It was the cashier’s first day on the job.

The shopkeeper, anticipating a windfall, smiled. “Hey, that lady that bought the snow-globe is giving a lot of grief to some clumsy schmuck in the lot. She’ll probably be in to get a replacement.”

“The snow-globe? Wait; that was a lady?”
“Doesn’t matter. Either way. Give her a courtesy discount.”
“Yes sir; will do.”
“Whaddya mean, ‘Sir’ ?”

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