Welcome to the online exhibit jointly hosted by the Adirondack Center for Writing and the Adirondack Artists Guild. Artists and writers were invited to respond to the social, political, environmental and pandemic issues of 2020. Visit the visual arts component of the online exhibit Responding II – 2020 here.

The exhibit will be viewable from September 4 – 29, 2020. Read more about the exhibit from the Press Republican, Lake Champlain Weekly, and Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

My (Pet) Corona by William Blackburn
Art in the Pandemic – Distraction, Solace and Direction by Anne Diggory
Joebells and Canaries in the Coal Mine by Pat Garber
Gatherings by James Lesperance
It’s Too Dark, April, 2020 by Edward Pontacoloni
The World is Upside-Down by Carla Swett Stockton
Rayshard Recalls by Charles Watts
Masked, bandaged and waiting by Joni Youse
An Bóthar Fada by Ed Collins
Seeking Justice by Yvona Fast
The Care Bears are Crying and It’s Covid-19’s Fault by Heather Haag
Allegory by Christopher Locke
The Woman in the Red Scarf Goes Wild by Jana Rose
My summer vacation by Brandon Sward
In the beginning by Jennifer Weston
View the visual art exhibit
I Ponder While the Virus Rages by Kernan Davis
Fall 2020 (2 Poems) by Denis Foley
Hoarding in a Time of Crisis by Joyce Hunt
Questions & Answers: Tanka, Ryuka, Sedoka, Sijo & Zuihitsu by Jacob Kobin Ayiah Mensah
St. Regis and Buck Pond by Matthew Schechter
My Porch in the Time of Coronavirus by Eleanor Sweeney
Sky Gazing by Fran Yardley

You might be at home, but you are not alone.

What remains during these tense times is ACW’s commitment to building spaces for healing together. Through weekly writing prompts and posted responses, new online classes, and the online display of PoemVillage, ACW is continuing to bring together community members like you during isolation and uncertainty.

Keeping ACW strong in these tense times now rests in the hands of faithful supporters like you. So, you are invited to give a gift of any amount. All gifts are significant in keeping ACW alive and well, so when this is all over ACW will be ready to re-launch the important programming you count on.

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