I. I Don’t Need a Ride

Brave President Zeleneskyy
told the world in response
to an offer to flee Ukraine.
I will not leave my people,
my country, he affirmed.
I need ammunition
to repeal invading Russians
who have now become
the enemy of the world.

II. A Free People

A breath of freedom
not even forty years,
when DOWN
came the fist of oppressor
pushing all Earth
to the brink, the edge,
nuclear annihilation
to strangle a land
and hopes
of a people striving
to be free.
The fetish of war
is SO uncivilized:
dangerous toys
of insecure boys.

When will we grow up
and the world can rest
in Peace?

III. Signs of Hope

Convoy of truckers
heading east with
supplies, medicine,
and other aid for
freedom to breathe,
and baby strollers
deliberately abandoned
for infants rushed
away from war.

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