“The Earth is one country, and mankind its citizens.”

I see this more and more true every day. It doesn’t take forest fires in Canada, or the American West, or a large volcano anywhere, or a war to demonstrate the truth of this. We are all interconnected: humans, animals, plants, even the air and water. We all breathe the same air and drink the same water – over and over and over again. We will breathe the ash from volcanoes and from fires no matter how far away we may be. Polluted air, or water, does not stop at any boundary. Poisons we make don’t either. That’s why butterflies and bees are dying. We are poisoning them – here, there, everywhere.

How much damage will be done before we all realize we have just one planet and we have to keep it clean and its ecosystems healthy for each of us and all of us?

No matter where a war is, it affects us in some way. Some of the ways are so small, we don’t easily notice. Other ways are in our face and unavoidable. How long can we let war, any war, go on?

The Earth is one place and we all live here, and only here. We need to take care of it and each other.

Every person of every color is part of my family. Some of my grandchildren are brown, some are darker brown and some are slightly yellow. Their families are my family. All families are my family. How can it be otherwise when it has been proved that all humans share 99% of the same DNA. We are one family, one community on one planet.

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