After Slmarsh/ After MoneemaM

I hear America crying,
Our future it’s quickly dying.
The wolves, the pound.
A Giant falls.

I hear America Crying,
people are sadly dying.
They knock us down within,
 and trash us from without.

I hear America Crying,
See the tears, as they flow.
I shed them for what is lost.
Honor, Pride, and duty, the high cost.

I hear America Crying,
The government betrays.
The flag is flying low.
Violence the status quo.

I hear America Crying,
We are the hope of this nation.
It’s time to be counted.
To be active not reactive.

I hear America Crying,
It cries for me, for you, for herself.
Look up, the eagle has landed,
It’s time for liberty….. Demand it!

I hear America Crying,
till many teardrops unshed.
Many hearts have bled,
Hear my cry, feel my pain.

I still hear America crying,
There is nothing left, no peace, no dove.
What happened to this land I love?
Which ignorance and apathy has now wrought.

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