Howl GRAND Story Slam. The greatest story showdown between regional winners throughout the year. Selected by peers from the audience at each Howl Story Slam throughout the year, first place winners are invited to compete in an epic story showdown to celebrate another year of stories.

Videos from the Grand Slam stage

Howl Grand Story Slam Winners

  • Season 5. Theme: “Close Encounters: Winner: Aaron Todd, Canton
  • Season 4. Theme:”Fish Out of water” Winner: Noel Carmichael, Lake Placid
  • Season 3. Theme: “The Holidays” Winner: Deirdre Loftus, Upper Jay
  • Season 2. Theme: “Skeletons in My closet” Winner: Steve Baratta, Glens Falls
  • Season 1. Theme: “Missed Opportunity” Winner: Rob Carr, Saranac Lake

Visit The Howl Story SLAM for videos and photos of our storytellers and for an up-to-date schedule.