DNA can mean lots of things. Genetic tracking for family history, medical history or a play on the letters, DNA. I choose the play on the letters. D for destructive, N for narcissistic, A for authoritarian. I am referring to Donald J. Trump. He is probably the most destructive President in America’s history. Trump’s entire life has been built on a chaotic, destructive presence wherever he has shown up. Narcissistic because if you have a history of destructive behavior, you end up being your own best friend. Most of those around you become your enemy, so pump yourself up and keep pumping in case there is an air leak. Destruction and narcissism lead us to the third building block of Trump’s personality, authoritarianism. Why? An authoritarian enforces strict obedience to his authority at the expense of the personal freedom of those around him.

Donald J. Trump’s DNA is that of low self esteem leading to a demand for loyalty to him and only him. This destruction could be a genetic imbalance from birth as well as a medical imbalance leading to the third, authoritarian behavior. His very deep seeded fear of incompetence is bubbling like a cauldron to the surface. When he blows, watch out.

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