Show us an artist who hasn’t failed. Actually, don’t—that would be boring. EMBARRASSING is a fun chance for all to share their oldest, most earnest attempts at creativity. We all could use a laugh, even if it’s at ourselves. 

EMBARRASSING: A shame-free open mic for your worst, earliest work
Friday, Dec 3rd, 7 – 8:30 PM at ACW (15 Broadway St., Saranac Lake NY)
$10 donation | Masks and proof of vaccination required for all. Space will be limited to allow for safe social distancing at the event.

Sharing the unpolished, naive, and even cringe-worthy writing can bring a community closer together. It also exemplifies the process behind creating art, and inspires fledgling writers to believe in themselves. ACW’s new home is a place for writers, readers, and storytellers of all experience and comfort levels, so join us in sharing your embarrassing side. No matter how much you’ve written, finished, or published…you belong here—and so do:

  • the poems you penned to your beloved during Geometry class
  • the weird lyrics you wrote in your dorm room 
  • the super-earnest letters you emailed to your idols 
  • a scene from the screenplay you hid in your work desk for a decade
  • And if you’re still a teen, let’s face it: you’re constantly embarrassed. Share something you wrote a year ago! 

Readers can sign-up to share the night of the event. Each reader will have 5 minutes. We’re hoping for work that is language-based, but we’re open to creative interpretations. Questions? Feel free to email us at