Dear Child,

Your childhood will be like sliding down the rabbit hole in Alice Through the Looking Glass. You will see and hear many strange things that will not make any sense to you at this time, but I know you will eventually figure your life out and be a confident, strong, happy person.

Pay attention to the people who will come and go in your life that remind you of the characters in Wonderland. The addle Mad Hatter loves chaos, turmoil, confusion. The Queen of Hearts can appear as a family member, employer, educator, best friend or lover; the authority figure, heartless, cruel, harshness. Beware of the Cheshire Cat, conceited, vain, cavalier, who will betray your trust.

Just like Alice who found her way out of Wonderland don’t let distractions mislead you, don’t let others egos bring you down. Don’t let anyone tell you no, you can’t, don’t let anyone take away your dreams. No matter what don’t lose your faith, compassion, tenderness to others but most importantly to yourself.

Benevolent Servant

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