It was so much fun meeting you last week. Especially with the dialog we shared over the phone after winking at each other on

“Hi Mary, can we meet for a coffee or tea?”
“Yes, that would be fun.”
“So how will I recognize you?
“Oh, well, I don’t look like the photo I posted online.”
“You don’t look like the photo I have been looking at all these days as we have been emailing each other?”
“Of course not. My best friend gave me her college yearbook picture to post.”
“You must be kidding.”
“No I’m not. It doesn’t look anything like me!”

Remember, Mary, I was quite shocked and almost hung up the phone. We were in our 50’s and I couldn’t grasp why you would post a college-age photo that looked nothing like you. But nevertheless, we decided to meet and that you would be wearing a red jacket (you never did describe to me what you looked like.)

We were to meet at the local Applebee ‘s restaurant’s bar. I arrived early and was super nervous. I gasped as a number of women arrived in reddish jackets, mostly with men on their arms. I had posted a recent photo of myself online so I figured you would find me easily. But no woman raised interest in my presence.

Then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned, and there you were. A woman wearing a bright red blazer! My jaw dropped as I took in your facial appearance. You must have been 20-30 years my senior!! No wonder you posted your friend’s photo! Unable to flee out of the bar I reluctantly agreed to sit in a booth and have a cocktail with you. During the entire time, looking into your eyes, I felt I was conversing with my grandmother!

We had a very congenial get together. I can’t say it was a “date”. We connected on a personal level… granny and grandson.

Thanks for the memories.


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  1. oomg, Nick, that is hilarious. I’m still laughing at the last line about connecting on a personal level….to funny!

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