“My thesis is flying away,” she cries
“Months of my research taking flight in the fierce wind. Just because of you!”
“I am so sorry to have bumped into you causing your papers to fly!” said I.
“Papers you say! Not just papers. Two years of my life on the thesis
flying into the air,” says she.
“Let’s defeat the wind, gather the papers and put your
knowledge back together again.”
“Remember Humpty Dumpty?” she exclaims.
“All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty back together again!”
“We can! I know we can! Now run, gather up the papers before they fly away,” I yell.
Those spectators standing around are called to help:
“Come all around. Come help gather. Gather up years of knowledge
taking flight in the wind!”
The crowd gathered running hither and yon.
Soon all were cheering, “It is done!”
“Let’s gather for coffee and celebrate success.”
“What is the topic of the thesis?” I ask
“The title is ‘How to Create Community Among Strangers’.” She says.
“Do you know any of those who joined and helped?”
“Not a one, nor you, the disruptor of my peaceful life!”
“I guess that you have just lived your thesis,” I said.
“Congratulations and please remember that mistakes can often be rewarded.
Celebrate the community of strangers. It can be done!” I said.

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