On that steamy humid morning
I will never forget the
The sound of the cruise ship’s motor
A China River cruise on
The longest river in the world
The Yangtze River to become
Known for the Three Gorges Dam.
Boarding the cruise ship
In the port of Shanghai
Engines and adventures start
Up the mustard colored
Snake – like placid river.
The ship coolly airconditioned
The outside observation area
Offered oppressively hot, humid air.
Out the door, glasses fog.
In the door, air conditioning freezes
Chilling every cell
Sizzling summer absorbs
High humidity hangs
Like a lifeless shower
Penetrating each awaiting cell
Above, below and all around
Clothes stick, brow drips
Oh, sweet winter
Where hath thou gone?

One thought on “Yangtze River Sizzle by Mary Perrin Scott

  1. This is beautiful writing with words that paint the complexity of this area–hot but freezing, a cruise ship in a mustard-colored river. Shiver.


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