Putting whipped cream on top hides the nuts beneath.
That is as it should be, keeping the nuts hidden.
However the nuts, be they walnuts or pecans,
Should be above the sauce.

And the sauce should be a hot fudge sauce,
Which is on top of the ice cream
Yet below the nuts, be they pecans or almonds.
The ice cream may be chocolate.

Or the ice cream may be vanilla or strawberry,
Or it may be all three flavors, a Neapolitan.
But the nuts are on top, be they almonds or pistachios,
Even though the nuts are below the whipped cream,

The nuts are yet above the sauce, which is a hot fudge sauce.
On the top of the whipped cream is a cherry,
A red maraschino cherry that drips red juice
Onto the white whipped cream that is on top of the nuts.

This is how to make a proper hot fudge sundae:
Keep the nuts hidden below the whipped cream,
Yet above the hot fudge and the ice cream,
All with a cherry on top, a red maraschino cherry.

That’s the recipe for a hot fudge sundae
And my secret for a life with a cherry on top,
Keep the nuts below the whipped cream,
Be they pistachios or walnuts.

Serve with a glass of seltzer water.

2 thoughts on “A Sundae by Edward Pontacoloni

  1. A fun piece on a sundae and I agree with the order of your ingredients! Keeping the nuts out of sight is always good no matter what kind of nuts. And seltzer is a must!


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