1948 was a big year for
Harry S. Truman and the Democrats
Whistle stops across the country
drew many of both parties.

Filling the station wagon
with a tall step ladder, neighbors and kids,
my mother drove up Rocky Point Road
to the Old Greenwich Train Station
in order to see history in the making.

The excited crowd awaited.
The whistle heard from afar,
alerted us to the arrival.
Slowly chugging into the station,
the large locomotive ground to a halt
giving full view of the rear platform.

What was all the excitement about?
From the eyes of a four year old
All I could see were skirts, pant legs, shoes
And lots of kids jumping up and down.

Mom opened the ladder.
One by one we climbed each step.
From the top step,
peering over the crowd
many heads stretched out in front.

There he was, standing on
The rear platform of the train.
He seemed small from the distance.
A funny hat on his head.
Waiving his arms to the mass.

A pull on my socks ,Mom said, “come down.”
Up went my sisters, followed by the neighbors.
Mom helping each and every one.
Slowly carefully up, look, cheer
then down. The cheering crowd grew.

Suddenly I saw a line of strangers
Waiting for mom’s guiding hand
Leading them to the upward step,
at the top, viewing history.

I wonder, did mom go up the ladder
before the train pulled away from
our sleepy New England town?
She said, “We have seen history
in the making. How very exciting!”
Many saw Truman that day because
of the lady with the ladder.

4 thoughts on “Truman and Mom by Mary Perrin Scott

  1. This is a delight to read. Your words paint the scene. I do hope Mom went up the ladder – but I am thinking that in true “mom fashion” she probably let someone else go in her place.


  2. Mary P. Scott–It’s now evident to me where YOU get your passion for current events. Your mom sounds like quite a woman. What a charming episode.


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