Join a group of like-minded women for a reading and writing retreat. Activities will include writing workshops, reflective paddling, arts-based activities, technical writing and experiential learning, and Adirondack-based readings to contemplate the role of sense of place in nature writing.

This weekend is dedicated to the memory of Anne LaBastille, whose passion for the Adirondacks led to her writing the landmark series of “Woodswoman” books documenting her experiences and observations of the natural world. Registration fee includes 2 nights lodging, all meals, workshop sessions and supplies.

Weekend workshop leaders. Mary Sanders Shartle and Angela Cannon-Crothers.

Friday, June 19th, 2020 4:00 PM – Sunday, June 21st, 2020 10:00 AM @ Great Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake

Book now

Starting at $410. Includes 2 nights lodging, all meals, workshop sessions and supplies. Or call to register:  315-354-5311 ext. 1023

5 thoughts on “Anne LaBastille Women’s Writing Weekend

  1. I would definitely love to do this but this year I am already booked for a yoga retreat. Is this a yearly event?
    Jackie Beattie


  2. Interested, but have a few questions. My husband is an artist and we were thinking he could room with me and do some painting while I did the retreat – is that possible?


  3. Looking forward to the 2020 weekend! This will be the third year the weekend is offered and we’re expecting many returning writers! The correct dates are June 19, 20 and 21. Our new Sagamore Executive Director is Emily Martz, who signed on last year and is JUST TERRIFIC! Jen MacGruder is the program director, and she and the staff will answer all your questions. Leslie Suprenaut will once again be on hand to talk about Ann LaBastille’s legacy and guide a canoe trip to Ann’s surviving camp at Twitchell Lake.
    DO Be aware that the camp is still in winter hibernation, but there is someone to answer messages and emails and more information on programs at:


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