the ghost of…

forgotten yet here
who remembers me alive
once a heart beating scared
why are we here look 
there he’s just a boy
doesn’t know why just told point
and shoot -they’re bad he’s
told-anyone with guns…
John shot him but it’s too
late for me have to leave 
you boys why can’t we 
just go home and play ball
I see me, you take my dog 
tags I see you leaving but
I’m still here no I’m over
there covered in my bright 
blood sinking
into the jungle floor all’s quiet
the animals come to eat till
all that’s left are bones my
bones covered in mold then 
plants cover all time has no
meaning all but forgotten 
I wander over the place the
bones my bones lay covered
as mice gnaw on those 
remnants of what was me
once a heart beating dreams
hopes plans muscles sinews
skin tanned by sun but
there’s no sun in the bowels
of a jungle nothing but the
critters and me waiting but
forgotten like time

goodbye my friend

land sweep through miles
of jungle then beachhead
picked up, land fight our
way to the jungle then sweep
more jungle another beachhead
each day haunted by
the dead we leave behind
yet never forget each 
day accompanied by the
hum of mosquitoes but no
talk just forever moving 
forward and the gun fire
oh no music, no joy but
shooting to stay alive
goodbye my friend I wish
there had been more 
classes at college for
us but we must keep 
moving, forever moving more
islands to clear more japs
to route why why do we
run forward to our deaths why
where is the glory when
we leave our friends bodies
behind can’t stop only those
still breathing get a chance
to fight another day I will 
bring your dog tags home if
I can and tell them you 
fought to the end…

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